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  1. Modine Hot Dawg Conversion Kit to LP or to Natural Gas

    Conversion kit to convert models HD and HDS in sizes 30, 45, 60 or 75 to propane, or to natural gas. Choose the desired kit. Learn More
  2. Empire TRW Wireless Wall Thermostat
  3. Empire DV35 Direct Vent Heater
  4. Empire DV25 Direct Vent Heater
  5. Empire DV215 Direct Vent Heater
  6. Empire DV210 Direct Vent Heater
  7. Empire DRB-1 Automatic Blower

    DV25 and DV35 Learn More
  8. Empire DVB-1 Automatic Blower

    DV210 and DV215 Learn More
  9. Empire DV822 Vinyl Siding kit

    Prevents Vinyl Siding from Melting or Warping Learn More
  10. Mr Heater MH45T Triple Burner Tank Top Heater

    Mr Heater MH45T Portable Propane Triple Tank Top Heater
    Learn More
  11. Modine PTC310 310K BTU Effinity93 93% Efficient
  12. Modine PTC260 260K BTU Effinity93 93% Efficient
  13. Modine PTC215 215K BTU Effinity93 93% Efficient
  14. Modine PTC180 180K BTU Effinity93 93% Efficient
  15. Empire FRBTP Wireless Programmable Remote Control
  16. Empire FRBTC Wireless Remote Control with Thermostat
  17. Empire TMV Millivolt Wall Thermostat
  18. Empire Ultrasaver PVSHT Heated Humidification Tray

    Choose Correct Model Below Learn More
  19. Modine Hot Dawg Ignition Control Board 5H79749

    All Models with Spark Ignition Learn More
  20. Modine Hot Dawg Hot Surface Ignitor 5H75032

    All Models with Hot Surface Ignition Learn More
  21. Modine Hot Dawg Fan Motor HD60 HD75 9F30213
  22. Modine Hot Dawg Fan Motor HD30 HD45 9F10262
  23. Modine Hot Dawg Fan Blade HD60 HD75 5H73835-1
  24. Modine Hot Dawg Fan Blade HD30 HD45 5H75188-1
  25. Modine Hot Dawg Direct Spark Ignitor 5H79636

    All Models with Spark Ignition Learn More
  26. Modine Hot Dawg Control Transformer 5H75029
  27. Empire RH425 Floor Pad

    36" x 21" Learn More
  28. Empire RH35 B-Vent Heater
  29. Empire RH25 B-Vent Heater
  30. Braeburn 505 24V Wall Thermostat
  31. Modine PTC155 155K BTU Effinity93 93% Efficient
  32. Modine PTC135 135K BTU Effinity93 93% Efficient
  33. Modine Hot Dawg HHD45 H2O Heater

    Free Shipping Learn More
  34. RV Appliance Quick Connect System

    RV Appliance Connection System
    Learn More
  35. Retro Q Propane Tank Adapter

    Propane Tank Thread Adapter
    Learn More
  36. Mr Heater F276171 "Steak Saver" Reserve Gas Adapter

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