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Modine Hot Dawg Garage Heater Modine Hot Dawg Garage Heaters
Modine Hot Dawg garage heaters are highly recommended for heating your garage or workshop. Available in sizes from 30,000 to 125,000 BTU's. These units can be mounted multiple ways since they are a power vented unit. 80% efficient with 3" or 4" venting that can be run horizontally or vertically.

Empire Mantis Fireplace Empire Mantis 93% Efficient Fireplace
The first ever 93% efficient fireplace with zero clearance to combustibles. BTU output ranges from 9,000 - 28,000 on the Mantis. Low cost venting with PVC. May be installed as direct vent (intake and exhaust) or single (exhaust) venting. The Mantis may be installed as a freestanding fireplace, as a fireplace insert, or as a new recessed fireplace installation. The Mantis also circulates humidity back in to the room by evaporating water created by the heater from combustion.

Empire Direct Vent Heaters Empire Direct Vent Heaters
Empire direct vent heaters are currently available from 8,400 BTU's to 55,000 BTU's. This style heater vents directly through an outside wall terminating 6-12 inches from the heater on the inside of the building. Each direct vent heater includes the venting and in most cases a thermostat is also included. The only additional accessory needed would be a vinyl siding kit if the vent cap would be attached to vinyl siding.

Empire BF10 Direct Vent Heater Empire Vent Free Heaters
Empire vent vent heaters are currently available from 6,000 BTU's to 30,000 BTU's. Vent free heaters are un-vented heaters with a 99.9% efficiency rating. Generally this type of heater is screwed directly to an interior wall or attached to a floor stand. We recommend this type of heater for supplemental heat, or for installation in a porch or a garage. Not for use in bedrooms or tightly sealed rooms. Vent free heaters will give off moisture and burn oxygen within the building. Every vent free heater has a low-oxygen depletion sensor which will turn off the unit if oxygen levels become depleted. Electric blowers and floor stands are optional. For bedrooms we would recommend a direct vent heater.

Empire RH50B Vented Heater Empire B-Vent (Roof Vent) Heaters
Empire vented heaters are currently available from 25,000 BTU's to 65,000 BTU's. This style heater would vent through an existing roof vent pipe or new vent installation. Some models rest directly on the floor while others can be recessed inside a wall or flush mounted.

Of all heating sources available today, gas offers the most advantages, especially for those concerned with saving money and the environment. Gas is the cleanest burning fuel available and heats the area for a fraction of the cost of electricity. Those who heat with gas already know it provides the warmest and most comfortable heat. You avoid the mess an inconvenience of kerosene or wood, and if you've ever been caught in a power outage, you know the dependability that gas offers. When your electricty goes out, gas heat keeps right on glowing and warming safely and dependably. The majority of our heaters are "space heaters" however larger models are capable of heating small homes and cabins. Most of Empire's heating line will work without any electricity. Empire Comfort's line of heaters
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