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Empire Mantis

Empire Mantis

Empire Mantis Fireplace

The First and only vented 28,000 BTU Fireplace that...
...Certified to exceed 93% Efficiency AFUE.
...Uses PVC pipe for low cost venting installation.
...Humidifies as it heats.
...Installs as fireplace, insert, or freestanding stove.

Mantis Bay Window or Flat Front units NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Mantis G-Class Units are $2999.00 IG28BMP Propane Only Model In Stock

Free freight shipping on Mantis units to the lower 48 states. Commercial address required.
Residential Delivery is an additional $199.00.

Humidify While You Heat
The Mantis captures condensed water a by product of its clean combustion and efficient heat exchanger and then evaporates it to introduce humidity into the room. The result is a more comfortable home environment, fewer complaints of dry throats and less static electricity.

Advanced Technology
The sophisticated control system monitors every critical aspect of the Mantis's operation to maximize efficiency, comfort, and safety.

For all its advanced technology the Mantis is amazingly easy to operate. Two on/off buttons control the two burners, allowing you to set the heat output to low (front burner) /med (back burner) /high (both burners). Or you can run the Mantis off a thermostat and it will control the heating on its own.

The mantis automatically purges unburned gas from the combustion chamber for 40 seconds before each ignition for controlled, even starts each time. The modern, hot surface igniter conserves gas by eliminating the need for a standing pilot.

The three-speed automatic circulating fan cycles on only after the Mantis reaches operating temperature and continues blowing as long as it senses warm air.

Mantis with louvered copper surround
Flush Wall "Picture Frame"
Louvered Copper Surround
Flat Front Mantis with louverless black surround
Flush Wall "Picture Frame"
Louverless Black Surround
Picture frame Mantis
Flush Wall "Picture Frame"
Louvered Black Surround

On all flat wall "Picture Frame" styles above a surround in the following colors is required: Black, Copper, Pewter, Stainless Steel, Louverless Black or Louverless Stainless Steel
Mantis Bay Window Fireplace Insert
Bay Window
Black Trim Fireplace Insert
Mantis with Oak Surround
Bay Window
Black Trim Oak Surround
G-Class Mantis
G-Class Mantis 20K Btu
No Logs, Single Burner

On all "Bay Window" styles above a black surround is included. On the pedestal package a black pedestal base is included, but there will not be a surround included since it is not used with the pedestal package. Gold and Chrome trim have been discontinued.
Quality Construction - Factory Tested
Critical internal components in the Mantis - including the heat exchanger - are manufactured from the same corrision resistent and heat-resistent stainless steel originally developed for high-efficiency central furnaces.

Choose decorative fireplace frames in rich 24 karat gold plating or contemporary chrome plating. The steel cabinet is finished in black matte powder coating to resist chipping and smudging. Precision formed one-piece ceramic glass helps radiate heat into the room.

The Mantis's ceramic fiber log set complements the flame pattern, while the hand painted finish provides exceptional realism. Two rugged printed circuit boards monitor all critical functions and controls. Two powerful blowers inside the Mantis feature maintenance-free motors driving precisely balanced fans for a lifetime of efficient performance. The power vent fan draws air into the combustion chamber and draws hot gases through the heat exchanger. The circulation fan draws room air across the heat exchanger and circulates the heated air throughout the room.

To ensure your fireplace performs flawlessly, every Mantis is connected to gas, electricty, and a PVC exhaust system, and test fired before it leaves the factory.

You have the option of purchasing the Mantis as a Fireplace Insert Kit, a Zero Clearance Fireplace, or as a Freestanding Pedestal Kit.

Mantis Pedestal Package

Mantis Insert Package

Mantis Zero Clearance Package

Mantis Specifications
Mantis User/Installation Manual
FRBTP Thermostat Instructions
Pedestal Base Instructions
PVVK-24/48 Direct Vent Kit Instructions
PVVK-CFA Flexible Vent Kit Instructions
PVVK-SH Single Horizontal Vent Kit Instructions
PVVK-SV Single Vertical Vent Kit Instructions
Shroud Instructions
Surround Instructions
Freight Shipment Policy

California Residents: "Warning" Click this link for Proposition 65 regulations

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